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Dear all

Glenn Gould has left the Solar System. Nasa today confirmed that Voyager 1 is now in Interstellar Space. Link: 

Background for those who might not know what on earth (haha) I am talking about. Voyager 1 and 2 were two spacecraft that were launched in the late 70s in order to explore the outer planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus and some of the moons. The results were spectacular to say the least. And what does that have to do with Glenn Gould you ask ? Well, there is a “golden disc” on both vehicles where audio and video of various sights and sounds from earth are stored ranging from gamelan music to rock and roll (just ask Bob Merkin about that Chuck Berry joke) – and a recording of Glenn Gould from the WTCB2 – in case the probes might be found by external life.

Apparently there was a debate among scientists where the Heliosphere (basically the realm of the sun) ends and Interstellar Space begins but according to NASa data it is now official. Both vehicles are still sending data back (see article) but it is only a matter of time before we loose contact. Shame, the Oort Cloud still is too far away...

So...GG is now out there, between the stars...next stop, if there ever will be a next stop, is 40’000 years away – the next closest star !

Just think about that the next time you put on the WTC....Bach truly is timeless....



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