[f_minor] The Goldlandbergers

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Thu Sep 5 10:07:51 MDT 2013

Dear all

I got this info from an external source, but I would like to share it with you anyway. Not my cuppa tea, but someone might be interested.

Choreographer Emanuel Gat has come up with the idea of setting one of GG’s radiodramas in motion via ballet, modern dance or whateve they call that these days. It is called The Goldlandbergs and you can read about it here: 

Here is a promo blurb from Mr Gat’s website: 

And finally a short clip:

I for one can’t decide if this is Gouldian contrapunctualism or a very massive bloomer, but that depends on your perspective so go ahead and give it a fair go, even if contemporary dance is not your thing. At least they tried to come up with something unusual, failure or not...

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