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This was just a delight.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing it.
 Of course, I watched his Young People's Concerts when I was growing up,
but had never seen anything so deeply interesting about his approach to
music and conducting.

Leonard Bernstein was a friend of Yehuda Guttman, my piano teacher in Key
West.  He had visited Yehuda in the late 1980's, not long before his death.
 I remember Yehuda telling me how sick his friend was and how worried he
was about him.  I seem to recall that he died of emphesema.
It was surprising how often he was seen smoking in the film since by the
80's the dangers involved were well known.

Hope you are well and that your cats are ok too.


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> Well, well, compared to Nuncle Pat's Big News this must look like small
> peas indeed but I must insist anyway; a terrific documentary, *not too
> hagiographic*, in fact compared with the Gould films no hagiography here
> at all. Enjoy the precious few moments with the inimitable Lukas Foss and
> his huge smile and his memory of Madame Vengerova's cat:
> "Teachers and Teaching", Leonardo Bernstein
>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cjEHWjOBEg
> Why Bernstein etc here? Because these were people who Gould worked with,
> learned from and was compelled by - in spite of all the sui generis
> nonsense around here.
> I first saw this documentary years ago on Western Europe's "Mezzo" tv
> channel but have until now been unable to find it on youtube so get it
> while it's hot (and it is hot here) because it may be pulled down right
> after I send it to F Minor. Thanks for all the "third party complaints"
> from whoever you are here.  *G.A.F.L.*
> Mary Jensen
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