[f_minor] and I swore I wouldn't

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Mary, good thing you did ! Mahler deserves to be heard. The music is not exactly easy since it ranges from Absolute Joy to Infinite Sadness and you get a mix of various styles, but it is definetly something woth diving into. And good old Lenny might be the best intepretor of Mahler’s music one could imagine. He didn’t think in musical categories, he thought in Music. You can say about him what you want, but he was a very clever man.

And just in case you are new to classical music or only a casual listener I would highly recommend Lenny’s Concerts for Young People series probably on utub or DVD. This stuff was made for louts like me in mind. How come there’s nothing like that on TV anymore ?

Mr. Gould also had a few things to say about Mahler somewhere in his essays, if I only knew where my GG Reader is...


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7th of July 2013 :


My young Belgian neighbour Virgile (20 years old) shares the same birthdate and he has fallen in love with Mahler.



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