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Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Sun Mar 17 14:57:32 MDT 2013

Dear all

This month marks the 40th anniversary of a rock album that is very dear to me. It is estimated that this album has sold something around 50 million copies (!!) worldwide since March 1973.

That kept me thinking about the sales of classical music in general in relation to rock and roll or pop artists – and GG in particular. Of course these sales will not be as impressive but so far I haven’t come across somebody who is interested in classical music and has not at least heard of GG (with the exeption of ClassicalFM listeners, but that was to be expected), let alone bought at least one of his records, most likely one of the GBs. 

I bet a carton of Poland Water that GG still sells well. Not anything like the 50 million mentioned above, but given that classical music is a niche market I reckon GG sales are quite good, probably better after he died, alas, far too early. Famous or infamous musos often do sell better after an untimely death, that’s part of the game and the hagiography. Cynical, but true.

Does anybody have a fair idea how much GG has sold in terms of “shipped units”, espacially the GBs ? It is rather difficult to get sales statics on the web, not just because the methods of obtaining these figures have changed over the years. Is it even possible to get a reasonable figure ?

Just asking, out of couriosity...

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