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Dear Faye,

That is great news! How and where will the new material be announced?


On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 9:08 PM, Faye Perkins <fperkins90 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear Pat,
> On behalf of the Glenn Gould Estate, I can tell you that what you are
> proposing is exactly what we have in mind.
> We want to make all of Gould's artistic legacy available   This is a
> long-term project and you should see something along the lines that you
> suggest in the next couple of weeks
> This is really important to all of us and I thank you for raising it.
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> On 2013-02-22, at 2:44 PM, "Pat" <pzumst at bluewin.ch> wrote:
>     Dear all
> Lemme pitch you an idea how it would be possible to get access to unheard
> GG material and at the same time preserve his aural legacy and maybe even
> make a few quid. I reckon there is still some stuff to be discovered in the
> ice box, but that stuff has not enough commercial value to be released on
> CD and therefore has not yet seen the light of day, stuff that might be of
> interest to scholars, hardcore fans, historians but not the casual listener
> per se. Yet the Internet is creating the most astonishing niches for
> micro-distribution for artists and fans alike.
> But first we must make a quick detour to the world of rock and roll.
> I recently noticed that legandary DC band Fugazi have opened their live
> archives. For a small fee of a fiver or so you can buy a digital recording
> of one or more of their old live shows. Other bands are doing similar
> things either for free (Nine Inch Nails, NoMeansNo, Cowboy Junkies etc.) or
> a small fee and even mainstream rock artists like Metallica, Bruce
> Springsteen and Queen have opened their archives to fans.
> The CBC has started with such a project, but this could be expanded. Maybe
> even with a small profit.
> Here’s my idea: What if the CBC or Sony would set up a similar website
> with outtakes, alternates, demo tapes, radio broadcasts etc. where
> individual items can be purchased for a small fee ? Production costs and
> site maintenance would be minimal and while the revenue might not be up to
> the usual expectations of Sony it could be used to keep the site running
> and even for tape restauration, maintenance etc.. The money would be
> entirely with the institution that sets up the site (no iTunes where Apple
> charges 60%, no production costs or distribution middle man apart from the
> transfer from tape to digital, remixing or remastering would not be
> required) and if small indie labels like Fugazi’s Dischord can set up and
> run such a site I don’t see why Sony or the CBC cannot.
> It would also have the advantage that the copyright for unreleased
> material could be extended (Canadian Copyright Law), one could create a
> minor media buzz, the fans would have summet to talk about, scholars had a
> field day, you would get rid of all the bootlegs with a single stroke, yet
> Sony or the CBC still would have the possiblity to (re-re-re-) release
> something major in the old fashioed way and thus everybody is happy.
> I know I would pay a fiver to hear i.e. outtakes from the GG Fantasy (yes,
> they do exist !) or stuff from the CBC that is not primarily GG playing the
> piano. How about you ?
> Record companies need new business models, the time where you bought your
> records at the store will very sadly soon be over and such niche markets
> might just be a part of the future for the record industry and the fans
> would benefit from being able to buy material that would not have seen the
> light of day without the possiblities of the Internet and digital
> distribution. Sooner or later the classical folks will want to jump on that
> band wagon as well and GG’s musical heritage could be there first. Music,
> art AND the use of modern media and technology....
> So, whatcha reckon ?
> Pat

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