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Good morning all,
  One of the "32 films" has a voice-over describing the various pianos GG had played on tour. At least one of the instruments had been so out of whack that Gould wondered how the audience had tolerated it, and he said something about 'not being that fond of the sounds a piano makes,' or something to this effect. Unless my comprehension/memory are shot...
  This started me thinking: did Gould say or write much about how his music was simply a means to an end? That playing the piano was nothing more than the work needed to be done in order to get someplace he wanted to go, metaphorically speaking?

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"I can put him on for hours -- he's like nobody else," says Waters, who 
owns 10 books on Gould, hunts for anecdotes on him and gives his CDs as 
gifts. "He was the ultimate original -- a real outsider. And he had a 
great style, the hats and the gloves and so on." - interview with John Waters (Baltimore) for the NY Times August 2003.

The following is marvellous, from "Kempt" (who uses THAT word any longer?!):


It's about time.  



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