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Dear Bob, I trusted that John Waters' solid reputation and global notoriety needed nothing more than the added "(Baltimore)" to avoid any confusion with other "Waters" who are out there. As we know, there is only ONE "John Waters (Baltimore)" to speak of, really.

Correction: The Waters quote is NOT from the NY Times but from that other Times with palm trees and freeways - the LA Times:


My hat is raised to "Kempt" for their excellent coverage of a sensitive topic.


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Maryellen, you're giving John Waters 
awfully short shrift. I'll only say he made the movie "Pink Flamingos" 
(1972). But this odd thing launched 40 years 
of brilliant, outrageous, often banned movies (all filmed in Baltimore, 
Maryland USA) but went viral around the planet (typically at rowdy midnight 
"Polyester" (1981) was released in Odorama -- 
each patron got a card with big numerals on it, and when a particular 
number flashed on the screen overlayed on the plot, the 
audience scratched the number, and the theater filled with a 
surprise stench. (You can still see "Polyester," but you can never smell it 
again -- I think they ran out of the Odorama cards long 
Indeed, "kempt" is either on the endangered list or 
fully extinct. 
But "unkempt" is still healthily a part of every 
English-speaker's vocab. We seem to keep a much closer eye on the unkempt around 
us than we do on the kempties.
Massachusetts USA


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