[f_minor] Goldberg Variations live '58 Vancouver ?

Jörgen Lundmark jorgen.lundmark at mypost.se
Mon Feb 11 03:49:06 MST 2013


There is no copyright infringement as far as the live Gould box is 
concerned. The new European copyright restrictions which extends the ban 
to re-release a recording by a second party will not be applied to 
recordings before 1962 (if I remember correctly). This does not apply to 
the US which has its own copyright laws.

The box you are referring to is the so called Goldberg Deluxe box which 
was supposed to have been released last year but will not appear before 
May this year. Unfortunately it does not contain any new material except 
some alternative takes from the 1981 recording. I would have hoped for 
video outtakes, but according to this contents list it does not. Let's 
hope they've changed their mind...



> Hi all
> (Don't get me wrong here, but the Naxos and m&a releases were a bit 
> dodgy due to current copyright laws so I dunno if they can be counted 
> as "legit". Blame that on bloody american copyright laws which 
> basically ignores the idea of Public Domain.)
> I don't know if y'all are aware of this, but Sony Classical Japan is 
> apparently preparing a new box set which might -- or might not -  
> contain this recording. That release is scheduled for May. At least so 
> far, we all know about Sony's release policy.....they still owe us the 
> Mozart DVD/CD.....
> Alas, work first, then fun and as soon as I have time for some fun I 
> will get back to you with the relevant details.
> Pat

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