[f_minor] OT -- looking for e-mail addie of Axel Van Looy ... this addie bounced back

Robert Merkin bobmerk at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 19 21:15:00 MDT 2012

Trying to e-mail Axel Van Looy, but this addie got me a bounceback.

r u there Axel? merci, dank u wel

Massachusetts USA

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  From: Axel Van Looy 
  To: Discussion of the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould. 
  Sent: Friday, October 19, 2012 4:31 AM
  Subject: Re: [f_minor] G G on Klara

  Hello Mary,

  Klara will have a special "day" dedicated to GG on sunday 28th.


  At least 3 programs will be totally dedicated to GG



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