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michael macelletti mmacelletti at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 13 13:59:29 MDT 2012

actually,  what happened between howard scott and glenn gould  was predictable, 
even if the actual trigger-issue wasn't.   so you probably don't even need this 
posting. but, anyway, howard said that he was trying to get gould to do 
something about the humming. he found it impossible to even minimize it in the 
final product.  (  no mention was made of the hiccuping sound in the 
inventions,which was caused by over- regulation of the action . - he was in on 
that one too ) .    couple this with gould  trying to do some of the 
editing-producing even at that early stage, and you have the makings of the 
split. howard also said that gould was a fantastic pianist but totally 
impossible to work with. so, they just decided to part company, with gould being 
the catalyst. ( or, maybe , howard as the catalyst ? ).           no surprise 
here, though.   
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