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Dear all

By sheer chance I did get to hear the program (due to a lack of swissitude, hehe) . It wasn’t a feature at all. Two ladies played some stuff from the new Schwarzkop Tapes, which was rather interesting. 
I for one grew up on rock and roll music, all this belcanto stuff is foreign territory to me. So hearing Schwartzkopf sing those sad songs accompanied by GG hit me right in the face. Very touching and beautiful, if the lyrivcs were not so sad and depressing.

They also played the ‘55 GBs with the introduction that the pianist was “slighty autistic” which is of course utter rubbish.
But a sad proof that GG’s Hagiography lives on....


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Dear all

For those of you who can speak or understand german (don’t look at me, it’s my second lingo) there will be a feature about him on Switzerland’s public broadcasting radio station DRS 2 (mainly classical music, arts, Jazz, ecclectic stuff like theatre, Janacek Operas and roundtable debates on the late Debussy) next week. 

Details are here: 

The title is apparently a pune ore play on words with Goldberg (golden mountain).

The program will be broadcast on the 9th between 4 and 5 pm. You can either listen live, but there is a possiblilty that the program will later be available as a download. It better be, decent people work at that time ! 

I am still a bit puzzled at the non-impact that GG’s birthday had on mainstream media (outside Canada). Either GG has lost the importance he once had or something else went horribly wrong....

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