[f_minor] GG on DRS2, german radio feature

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Sun Oct 7 10:52:30 MDT 2012

Dear all

For those of you who can speak or understand german (don’t look at me, it’s my second lingo) there will be a feature about him on Switzerland’s public broadcasting radio station DRS 2 (mainly classical music, arts, Jazz, ecclectic stuff like theatre, Janacek Operas and roundtable debates on the late Debussy) next week. 

Details are here: 

The title is apparently a pune ore play on words with Goldberg (golden mountain).

The program will be broadcast on the 9th between 4 and 5 pm. You can either listen live, but there is a possiblilty that the program will later be available as a download. It better be, decent people work at that time ! 

I am still a bit puzzled at the non-impact that GG’s birthday had on mainstream media (outside Canada). Either GG has lost the importance he once had or something else went horribly wrong....

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