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The Shostakovich Quintet as well as GG playing Prokofieff Piano Sonata 7 op.83 are from CBC television "Sunday Concert Music In The USSR" 
broadcast January 14, 1962. They are to be found (along with "Glenn Gould On Bach broadcast April 8, 1962) on DVD 2 of the 10 DVD set
"Glenn Gould On Television: The Complete CBC Broadcasts 1954-1977". 

Herebelow is a CBC site where you can see lengthy excerpts of all 10 DVDs - I've fixed the link herebelow to an except of Gould introducing 
his Prokofieff (nearly 6 minutes), I hope it works out but if it doesn't then click on to "DVD 2" and scroll down to "Chapter 5":


Here is the link to the page presenting the 10 DVD set:


I bought mine a year ago at FNAC for CHF 69,90, you may be able to find it at Amazon now for somewhat less but even at the full
CBC shop price of $59,90 the set is damn good value, sir.

If Gould's mannerisms and vocal 'gravitas' and cadence in his Prokofiev introduction seem familiar to some... 




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This is completely new to me.  Had never heard this music and certainly didn't know that GG played it.  Lovely so far.....

Fred Houpt

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