[f_minor] Gould BACHanalia

Elaine Parks elaine19c at yahoo.ca
Thu Sep 27 20:29:30 MDT 2012

Hi folks,

There were several interesting Gouldian events to go to in Toronto recently. I managed to get to the BACHanalia event at Koerner Hall
and I found several performances were quite mesmerizing: Howard Levy doing a Bach flute sonata on the harmonica;
Sylvain Blassel doing part of the Goldbergs on harp; Dave Young Trio doing Oscar Peterson's Salute to Bach; and at the very end, Inventions and Sinfonia pieces "played" by the piano itself through "Piano Invention" technology which reads the way a pianist
performed a piece and performs it, minus the performer! It was impressive, and with a replica of GG's chair at the piano, it was eerie but beautiful.

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