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To complete the picture on French radio: although the public broadcaster France Musique does not seem to devote much attention to GG's birthday, the more commercial Radio Classique station does. Christian Morin chose the Italian concerto and the aria of the 1981 Goldbergs yesterday as a tribute and Francis Drésel is staging four one-hour evening programs about Glenn (les "discoportraits"), from Sept 25 to 28 at 11 pm.

Jean-Christophe Ponsero

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Terrific e-mail Pat, thanks for that. Terrific e-mails Jorgen and Bob - we'll (I'll) get back to them - but firstsinceit is 
GG's birthday let's see the presents! These are from the Baroque goddess Stefy, I don't think she'll mind too much my
passing them around at the party:

guess what? no GG doodle today of course
other news:
CBC article with LangLang interview  http://www.cbc.ca/news/arts/story/2012/09/24/glenn-gould-anniversary-celebrations.html?cmp=rss
new english broadcast/podcast with Levine and Eatock 
other cbc articles:
some other german radio broadcasts
podcasts to download:
and furthermore:

Well I reckon that ought to keep you busy while you're polishing off those bottles of delicious
cidre bouche de Normandie on this crisp autumnal evening - oh and please spare a thought 
for the hedgehogs; they enjoy chicken flavoured cat kibbles with plenty of fresh water nearby.
Mary Jensen
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