[f_minor] GG article in Der Spiegel and DLF Radio broadcasts

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 Thanks for the heads up mate. It's Gould's big 80th today and I have nothing to offer from this part of the world.
I've searched Mezzo, Arte (tv) and Radio France Musique and Radio Suisse Romande: absolutely nothing programmed
concerning Gould. There is one small "news bite" on Radio France Musique announcing Lang Lang's forthcoming 'concert'
on (I assume) GG's fabled CD 318:

Lang Lang sur le piano de Glenn Gould
	Lundi 24 Septembre 2012 10:50    dépêches notes 
	par Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier
		Le pianiste chinois, Lang Lang, a été invité a jouer sur le piano 
de Glenn Gould pour fêter, demain, les 80 ans du pianiste à Toronto. 
Précisons que Jean-François Zigel est également invité à toucher la 
 If anyone has news of special radio programming from anywhere please do pass it along to the rest of us here, it is appreciated.
Mary Jensen

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Subject: [f_minor] GG article in Der Spiegel and DLF Radio broadcasts

Dear all
This might be of concern for those of you who can speak or understand german. 
The german weekly newsmagazine Der Spiegel published an article regarding GG's 80th this week here:http://www.spiegel.de/kultur/musik/klavierlegende-glenn-gould-neuveroeffentlichungen-zum-80-geburtstag-a-856668.html
Usually this magazine is held in high respect, but James Dean at the piano ? My word indeed !
This week german radio station Deutschlandfunk will broadcast a few GG specials during weekday afternoons which can be heard via web stream on their website:
Other radio stations in the german-speaking world are also paying tribute to GG either this or next week (including our national public broadcaster here in CH, which is Radio DRS) and further articles in the feuilletons are likely to follow. I shall post more details as I get them.
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