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Good day all.  I was out and about this morning in the car and I listened to an hour of CBC; Michael Enright had musicologist Robert Harris on and they did part one a multiple hour thing on GG.  It was lovely though I must say that Harris made a big mistake by saying that no one else plays the piano and hums.  Enirght corrected this by saying that Oscar Peterson hummed.  I would add that so does Keith Jarrett and so did Fats Waller and a bunch of other jazz piano titans.  One thing that I did learn from Harris and this was totally new to me: the family name Gould is a made up or altered name.  Glenn's father was a tailor in the 1930's here in Toronto, where the majority of tailors were Jews.  Being a WASP, GG's father perhaps grew tired of people assuming that Mr. Gold was a Jewish tailor, he amended the name to sound more Christian or non-Jewish....and made it "Gould".  This was amazing enough to me but I will tell you a funny side story to
 this.  My dad's father was a Jewish tailor in Toronto in the 1930's.  I now wonder if he knew if Mr. Gould (or Gold)?  How very odd.  I will ask my dad if he can recall any such connection though at my dad's age I doubt that he'd remember.  What a very small world.
Happy Birthday Glenn: you are more beloved now than ever.  The vibrations you set in motion from your mind, your fingers, your piano, continue to reverate and move outwards......
kind regards,
Fred Houpt
P.S., it is my intention to finally buy a digital camera maybe this week and I do owe myself the promise to go visit GG's grave site, maybe with camera in hand.  I just know it will be an emotional discovery.
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