[f_minor] GG 2013 Calendar

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Sat Aug 25 18:49:30 MDT 2012

Dear all

I was having a look at amazon.de just now at all the stuff I want but cannot afford.

I noticed that Sony is releasing a GG Calendar for 2013 (?) which you can see here:


but not yet at amazon.com, but I am sure it will be available as a pre-order pretty soon. 

Of course one can argue about the merits of a GG Calendar (squeezing the lemon during annus mirabilis to a limit that faintly smells like a sell-out ?), I reckon this would be a nice gift, something to hang up on your office wall maybe.

The Mozart DVD is still not listed (bugger), but what I did see was a special edition of the ‘82 GBs as a “deluxe box set”, but no product details were listed so far. Oh well, qui vivra, verra...

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