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HI Stephanie, all

I have my doubts on that. First of all “Glenn Gould” is still making money for Sony, otherwise they would not have invested a certain budget into these re-re-re-rereleases (ahem) and the Bach box set. Even 30 years after his untimely death I assume he is still in their A list of performers (at least in the classical section). 
Of course making a bit more noise outside the classical world would be nice and that still might come, because the music industry usually releases their lavish ultra super deluxe box sets in the fall, ready for the Chrissie season – the most profitable time of year.

I think it is safe to say that there will be no limited time frame or a limited edition thing going on here, since this would be counterproductive. Again, if you are new to GG or your collection is incomplete, this would be a great investment.

So go on ahead, seve yer pennies, put ‘em in the piggy bank untill the day of butchery is nay ! 

For the rest of us I hope there will be digital downloads somehow. I already have 3 separate CDs of the 2-3 pt Inventions, thank you very much. What will definetly be of interest are the GB55 outtakes and the DVDs. Apart from that I am allowed to have my doubts on this box set. Yet for Sony the risk of annoying those already in the know is rather minimal, they will still make money on this box with newcomers and Must-Have Collectors.

Hey  Sony, what about some more outtakes ? Could you please have a look into the ice box ? Being such a hot day as it is today that might be a good idea....


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Is there any reason to believe that the complete Bach set might be available for a limited time? I want to put it on my Christmas list, but I am afraid that it will be unavailable then.  


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  Hi Kristian - Dr. Helen Mesaros mentioned in her bio on GG that she observed the recordings of the Goldberg Variations as filmed by B. Monsaingeon, (she was at awe on Gould's performances). So maybe the out takes are in those discs!!

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    I for one am glad to have this list for learning about new releases and new books also for that matter. And there has been a lot of new material appearing lately! This is a good time to be gould-fanatic and gould-music collector.

    The Well-Tempered Listener alone makes the new Bach-box worth buying for me. (still unconfirmed if it indeed is on the discs though) For a company like Sony it would be quite easy to make a search on Google with the keywords:"sony glenn gould edition" to render a link to a detailed description of the contents. But they have other ways of promoting the box apparently... Or?

    Regarding the 12 Goldberg-discs I do not have any information on that whatsoever, but I would be glad if at least a part of them turned out to be out-takes.


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      Hello Stephanie,

      I'm glad you and some others did react.

      I agree that the Bach collection will be worth having. The additional, unreleased video is probably the parts from "The Well-Tempered Listeners" that weren't part of the big box. It includes, among other things, for its time advanced multi-screen experiments with Gould playing a section from a 4-voiced fugue with one hand to each voice. The interview is also worth having.

      I'm no expert how to promote classical music, but I do think that it should be possible to search the Sony site and find information about coming Gould releases and what is previously unreleased. As it is now you have to piece together the less than accurate listings at different on-line shops. Is that good business on Sony's part I wonder?


        Jorgen, I thank you so very much for those links. The complete Bach collection seem to be an extraordinary deal, no? I will probably purchase it. I am shocked, too, at the lack of eager reactions concerning the Mozart DVD. It is an absolute treasure. I cannot wait until it arrives in the mail from France. I unfortunately have no insight to offer into the lack of promotion on Sony's part. How might they advertise it? Where would one advertise Glenn Gould material?

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