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Good summary Pat! Also, if you like to read as well as listen,  don't 
forget Gramophone's September issue (mentioned in prior email)  and the May 2012 
Gramophone issue that lists 50  musicians that changed recorded classical 
music (_http://www.gramophone.co.uk/latest-issue/may-2012_ 
(http://www.gramophone.co.uk/latest-issue/may-2012) ); Glenn Gould is one of the fifty.
Jörgen and other F_minor members have given us a  wake up call as to what 
is becoming available. As material accumulates, there  should be a database 
that houses all references to Gould and his work. 
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Dear all
When Jörgen’s mail came in I felt a bit  ashamed. After all this is annus 
mirabilis and indeed we won’t see such a good  year for GG releases in quite 
a while I reckon.
So I headed over to Sony Glassical’s german  website and found this:
27 Columbia original albums  with facsimile sleeves and labels  3 Columbia 
special  releases  4 CDs with radio and TV  broadcast recordings  1 CD with 
outtakes from his  1955 Goldberg recording sessions  3 interview CDs 
featuring Gould  in conversation with John McClure and Tim Page  3 DVDs with CBC 
television  broadcasts from 1957 to 1970 including the complete previously  
unreleased „Well-Tempered Listener“  3 DVDs „Glenn Gould plays Bach“  by 
Bruno Monsaingeon, including the legendary Goldberg  Variations  192-page book 
with complete  liner notes to each LP and a new introduction by Gould 
biographer  Michael Stegemann   
Many previously unpublished  photos
plus the complete track  list:
and the tracklist of the Monsagenon DVD  set
Now if you are new to Gouldland or your collection is  somewhat incomplete 
the Bach box set would be a fantastic investment I  reckon. 
For those of us who are either collectors, completists  or hardcore fans 
will probably wonder what this is all about. (Dare I  say this smells a bit 
like a rip-off ? Is there something really new  here ? Summet I should have ? 
I dunno....)
The Monsagenon DVDs might be of interest since this is  the first time they 
appear on DVD.
Sony Classical Germany does not list the Mozart DVD  yet. I want to see 
that. Who could resist watching GG demystify Wolferl  ? 
Goldberg Variations and Fractals

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I for one  am glad to have this list for learning about new releases and 
new books also  for that matter. And there has been a lot of new material 
appearing lately!  This is a good time to be gould-fanatic and gould-music  
The  Well-Tempered Listener alone makes the new Bach-box worth buying for 
me.  (still unconfirmed if it indeed is on the discs though) For a company 
like  Sony it would be quite easy to make a search on Google with the  
keywords:"sony glenn gould edition" to render a link to a  detailed description of 
the contents. But they have other ways of promoting  the box apparently... 
Regarding the 12 Goldberg-discs I do not have   any information on that 
whatsoever, but I would be glad if at least a part of  them turned out to be 
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Hello Stephanie,

I'm glad you and some others did  react.

I agree that the Bach collection will be worth having. The  additional, 
unreleased video is probably the parts from "The Well-Tempered  Listeners" that 
weren't part of the big box. It includes, among other  things, for its time 
advanced multi-screen experiments with Gould playing a  section from a 
4-voiced fugue with one hand to each voice. The interview is  also worth having.

I'm no expert how to promote classical music, but  I do think that it 
should be possible to search the Sony site and find  information about coming 
Gould releases and what is previously unreleased.  As it is now you have to 
piece together the less than accurate listings at  different on-line shops. Is 
that good business on Sony's part I  wonder?


Jorgen, I thank you so very much for those links. The  complete Bach 
collection seem to be an extraordinary deal, no? I will  probably purchase it. I 
am shocked, too, at the lack of eager reactions  concerning the Mozart DVD. 
It is an absolute treasure. I cannot wait until  it arrives in the mail from 
France. I unfortunately have no insight to  offer into the lack of promotion 
on Sony's part. How might they advertise  it? Where would one advertise 
Glenn Gould  material?


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