[f_minor] [f minor] More unreleased GG material coming out

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no need for concern.  to quote bob, the family gets a little quiet during the 
summer. ( probably visiting everybody else's country ).  that bach collection 
looks irresistible . certainly a welcome relief should anyone find himself or 
herself listening to too many so-called " great performances ".  everybody  ( 
including myself ) is probably waiting for it to come to their local 
neighborhood amazon. thanks for the heads up !                     

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Since there's been very little reaction, at least as far as comments go, I'm not 
certain there's any real interest from members of the list concerning upcoming 
Gould releases. I can't for example figure why there's been so few happy 
exclamations concerning Kristian's news about the upcoming release of "How 
Mozart Became a Bad Composer" on DVD.

Anyway, here's another pair Gould related information concerning the wonderful 
GG year of 2012:

I was made aware of this extremely interesting release by Kevin Bazzana. And 
yes, you can listen to snippets of the previously unreleased songs.

Another Gould collector alerted me to this:

Look at the description and you'll find there's previously unreleased material 

Now I wonder what the 12 disk Goldberg release might contain... Any information 
on that???

What is more surprising than this seemingly (I hope it's only on the surface -- 
don't forget that this year will never be equalled as far as new GG material is 
concerned) disinterested group is the lack of promotion from Sony. I wonder why 
that is.

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