[f_minor] about Gould CD (Music and Arts)

dsch at lilac.plala.or.jp dsch at lilac.plala.or.jp
Sun Aug 12 18:26:20 MDT 2012

Dear sirs, 
I am very sorry for my e-mail without notice. 
I read your articles on Glenngould.org. 
I am a Japanese and I live in Tokyo. 
I often listen to Gould CDs and I love their performances. 
I have been looking for three titles Gould CDs which was released by Music&Arts 
label for long long time. 
CD677 Salzburg live 
CD680 Glenn Gould Studio Recitals (Beethoven, Mozart) 
CD694 Glenn Gould Eraly Recordings (Bach, Beethoven, Weber) 
In this organization, there are well-known person about Gould. 
Do you know the Gould collectors who have these CDs and sell them to me? 
I hope you will help me! 
with best regards, 
Hideki Chikamatsu (Mr.) 

>From Tokyo Japan

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