[f_minor] 49 Shades Of Battleship Grey

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Tue Jul 24 13:40:55 PDT 2012

Dear f_minorites

My beloved Switzerland is currently being graced by a thing called "Summer". 

It is currently hot, humid and the best weather that you can imagine. 
I for one am enjoying myself, thinking in music terms about old Ska tunes and prolly a few cold drinks. 

But that is just me.

There are Legends within the GG Hagiography about GG walking around in full winter clothing around ALL* year. Are these accurate ? They do sound unbelievable.

Do we have one from one person who has seen him in such garb during High Summer ? Do we have accurate reports of people who have seen GG in his full "regalia" on hot summer nights  ? 

Pat, sweat and beers

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