[f_minor] Gould/Schwarzkopf/Strauss : the unauthorized recordings

Steve Balboa steve.balboa at yahoo.fr
Sun Jul 15 05:03:19 PDT 2012

Hi f-minors,

As you know, GG and Schwarzkopf have recorded seven lieder of Richard Strauss together (NY 1966). Only three of them have been released (the "Ophelia-Lieder", op. 67) : unfortunately, E. Scwharzkopf has not given permission to release the four remaining songs ("Heimliche Aufforderung", op. 27 No. 3, "Morgen" op. 27 No. 4, "Winterweihe" op. 48 No. 4 and "Wer lieben will, muss leiden", op. 49 No. 7).
Since Mrs Schwarzkopf is know… dead, is there anybody who knows if there is any chance to hear these probably priceless recordings… or will we miss them forever ?

Best wishes,

Steve Balboa.

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