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My guess is that Otto Friedrich's account may be the most accurate:
"Both Florence Grieg and Edvard Grieg were actually descended from a fierce Scottish tribe known as the MacGregors, who claimed a royal descent from Griogair, son of Alpin, King of the Scots in the eighth century."

If in fact the closest common ancestor dates from the 8th century, as Friedrich suggest, Florence Gould's imagination may indeed have been a bit florid.

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According to all the biographies it was all a figment of Florence Gould's extremely vivid imagination.

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           it's interesting to read in the letters how willing gould was to accept the family connection with his " uncle edvard ".   but was there really a direct blood line between the two ? the whole thing seems a bit tenuous.          as an aside,  i guess he never did play or record the work with which uncle ed delighted liszt . ( i would love to be wrong about this ? ........ )           too bad.  that would have made a marvelous x ray.

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