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Dear all

Interestingly the National Library of Canada has a list of all sorts of stuff that were found in GG’s estate ranging from a list of keys (!) to various keepsakes and knicknacks ranging from a parking ticket he got in 1971, postcards, prescriptions and whatnot. Interestingly he did keep some concert reviews and other objects from his touring days. One wonders why....

Unfortunetly they don’t list his records which would be interesting indeed. Or I was unable to locate them on the NLC website.

There is a list of his Desert Islands Discs in The Holy Scriptures The Glenn Gould Reader on page 437 of the paperback edition, yet this will only tell you somethig about his subjective favourites at that particular time and not his taste. I don’t have my GG Reader anymore, I had to use Amazon to get this info....

I do believe I have read somewhere that he had more than one copy of Bill Evan’s brilliant Conversations With Myself and that one of the people who had to deal with his estate was repackaging vinyl LPs back in to their respective covers when his flat was cleared for a fair amount of time.

Neil, if you really want to know what exactly was in his collection then I reckon you have to contact the NLC.

Of course a record collection is something very private and to have a look at the list of records in GG’s posession would make me feel a bit like a voyeur. But it would be quite interesting and maybe give us some new insights. Let’s hope he threw out those Streisand records after the 60s were over....


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Interesting topic,

In the book Great Pianists Speak for Themselves (by Elyse March) Gould mentions  Rachmaninoff Second Concerto played by Alexis Weissenberg and conducted by Karajan. Not a work you would expect Gould to listen to, but apparently he found Weissenberg's playing so convincing that he made an exception. 


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  Hi all

  Somewhere I remember seeing a list of GG's favourite recordings.

  Does anyone have that or have any suggestions?

  I seem to remember some such as

  - Schnabel Beethoven 5th 
  - Karajan / Sibelius 5th
  - Gibbons 2nd Service with Deller Consort
  - Mengleberg Ein Heldenleben

  Capriccio? Electra ? I suppose someone has catalogued his record collection.

  Is this a wierd thing to ask ? I saw Simon Keenleyside's CD collection recently (it was being ripped onto a server ...) Its very interesting to know what famous musicians are listening to.





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