[f_minor] Glenn Gould Google Doodle ?

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Mon Jun 11 10:32:28 PDT 2012

Dear Kate, all

I hope I don’t sound like a smarface here (sorry if I do) but Safari is a browser, not a search engine. It is my underrstanding that Bing has its own style with those nice mellow and ambient landscape and animal images for about the 4 people who use it. They don’t “do” events or people. 
Not that I am a fan of Google, but we should not miss this fabulous opportunity for several reasons.

And, er, who was that Jobs bloke again ? My memory fails when it comes to that name in conncetion with f_minor somehow....


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Karl and Pat - don't forget "Bing" as another addition for GG's B-Day Anniv. Bing offers search engine capabilities as well and it usually has nice backgrounds (background of the famous Moscow photograph) and what about Safari for the Mac Lovers (tell Tim Cook of Apple that Steve Jobs listened to Gould)!


In a message dated 6/11/2012 11:05:19 A.M. Central Daylight Time, pzumst at bluewin.ch writes:
  Hi Karl, all

  That sounds brilliant ! Yay ! 
  I must get in contact with the person who made the artwork. Could be that it was on f_minor before but anyways once I’ll have it I will post it. Even if the nice folks at Google will accept the idea they will most likely come up with their own artwork, but we shall see.

  Just last weekend there was a Google Doodle up for Johann Gottfried Galle. Now most of you will shrug and hit that doodle just to find out that he was one of the discoverers of the planet Neptune. Now your natural couriosity has been satifsfied, you know something more, even if it would only be for the next pub quiz. 

  And this is where we can get ‘em. 

  I do believe that such a doodle on GG’s birthday could raise the awareness for his lasting legacy. Granted, not every Google user will rush out to the next record store or hop over to iTunes but if his audiance ranges from pianists and classical music afficionados to houswives in Texas, aging hippies and disillusioned rock listeners then why not ? Good music will find you, eventually.

  I would also bet that even within classical music (a small niche these days) there are people who never heard of GG before.

  (It would be nice to have a car radio similar to the one on that GG CD-ROM from years ago below the doodle, but that is probably just whishful thinking.)

  Landscape Windscreen on youtube

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  Good morning Pat,

  Wrt your original request, I may have a Google contact, please stay posted, I should have something by the end of this week (time is of the essence, I know!!). I also have someone interested in the art work if you are interested?

  Kind regards,

  On 08-Jun-2012 15:16, Pat wrote: 
    Hi Karl, all

    Oh dear ! Of course I meant the 25th. 

    My word indeed, what was I thinking ?? How embarrasing...good grief, and there is at least one typo as well ! I apologize to all painters for that and thank Karl for pointing it out. Maybe I should turn the auto-correct on again....


    From: Karl Brown 
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    Subject: Re: [f_minor] Glenn Gould Google Doodle ?

    Good afternoon Pat,

    First & foremost, I have never been nor do I ever want o be a paniter ... what an insult !! (just kidding)

    Secondly, is there any particular reason why you would want to have a Google Doodle the day after GG's birthday and not on the 25th?



    On 08-Jun-2012 13:36, Pat wrote: 
      Dear list

      Just recently the great synth pioneer Bob Moog was honored with a Google Doodle. You might remember hitting Google and seeing the virtual replica of something that vaguely looked like a MiniMoog some 2 weeks back. Ah, my heart leapt with joy !!

      Goggle sometimes has these doodles to honor paniters, artists, tech nerds or scientists like Alan Turing or does something special on days like Canada Day or Switzerland’s 1st of August National Celebration Day for the respective local sites. Examples can be found here:

      Now this is not my idea but some of us are wondering if it is possible to get GG as a GoogleDoodle on Sept 26th worldwide. Not just Canada but the rest of the planet as well. Trouble is that it is rather difficult to get in contact with Fortress Google. I do know that drawings/sketches for a doodle exist and that the GGF is basically in agreement and has given the green light. But alas, they can’t get into Fortress Google either as I understand.

      But if you and I want this to happen with GG I reckon one should start shifting gears now.

      Now what do y’all reckon about having a GG Google Doodle, possibly worldwide on his 80th birthday ? What could or must be done to get this going ? And does anybody know the way into Mordor Google, possibly via the back door ?

      Landscape Windscreen on youtube








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