[f_minor] Glenn Gould Google Doodle ?

Karl Brown kbrown at physics.carleton.ca
Mon Jun 11 08:13:03 PDT 2012

Good morning Pat,

Wrt your original request, I may have a Google contact, please stay 
posted, I should have something by the end of this week (time is of the 
essence, I know!!). I also have someone interested in the art work if 
you are interested?

Kind regards,


On 08-Jun-2012 15:16, Pat wrote:
> Hi Karl, all
> Oh dear ! Of course I meant the 25th.
> My word indeed, what was I thinking ?? How embarrasing...good grief, 
> and there is at least one typo as well ! I apologize to all painters 
> for that and thank Karl for pointing it out. Maybe I should turn the 
> auto-correct on again....
> Pat
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> Good afternoon Pat,
> First & foremost, I have never been nor do I ever want o be a paniter 
> ... what an insult !! (just kidding)
> Secondly, is there any particular reason why you would want to have a 
> Google Doodle the day*after* GG's birthday and not on the 25th?
> Regards,
> Karl
> On 08-Jun-2012 13:36, Pat wrote:
>> Dear list
>> Just recently the great synth pioneer Bob Moog was honored with a 
>> Google Doodle. You might remember hitting Google and seeing the 
>> virtual replica of something that vaguely looked like a MiniMoog some 
>> 2 weeks back. Ah, my heart leapt with joy !!
>> Goggle sometimes has these doodles to honor paniters, artists, tech 
>> nerds or scientists like Alan Turing or does something special on 
>> days like Canada Day or Switzerland's 1st of August National 
>> Celebration Day for the respective local sites. Examples can be found 
>> here:
>> http://www.google.com/doodles/finder/2012/All%20doodles
>> Now this is not my idea but some of us are wondering if it is 
>> possible to get GG as a GoogleDoodle on Sept 26th worldwide. Not just 
>> Canada but the rest of the planet as well. Trouble is that it is 
>> rather difficult to get in contact with Fortress Google. I do know 
>> that drawings/sketches for a doodle exist and that the GGF is 
>> basically in agreement and has given the green light. But alas, they 
>> can't get into Fortress Google either as I understand.
>> But if you and I want this to happen with GG I reckon one should 
>> start shifting gears now.
>> Now what do y'all reckon about having a GG Google Doodle, possibly 
>> worldwide on his 80th birthday ? What could or must be done to get 
>> this going ? And does anybody know the way into Mordor Google, 
>> possibly via the back door ?
>> Pat
>> Landscape Windscreen on youtube
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