[f_minor] NCA and CD 318 played by Angela Hewitt

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Fri May 18 04:41:39 PDT 2012

I have to agree with this assessment of Hewitt's performance. I do think
you can hear that the instrument has a very light action, and Hewitt also
plays with more staccato than she usually does (perhaps she is trying to
sound more Gouldian on this occasion). Still it has little personal
expressiveness and she does those irritating stops every now and then; it
is as if the doesn't want to the music to have long lines).

In my opinion Hewitt's older recordings where less mannered. Comparing her
older WTC with the new one is a good proof of that.

I will definitely look for Daniel Fuchs' recording. Thanks!

For those wishing to hear a very personal rendition of the inventions, do
look for Andrei Pushkarev's "Bach Vibrations" on Gramola. The music is
played on a vibraphone, in the style of different jazz pianists! Beautiful
and very personal. I think that Gould would have approved -- I do recall
that he did say appreciative things about the Swingle Singers for example.


> Salut Michael, Long time (too long) no hear from! I have to agree with
what you've written even taking into account that Hewitt's little
> on that little video is a sort of "doodling" (would that I could
> like Hewitt). Ms. Hewitt is probably the "very good juilliard
> interpretation" Standard Bearer par excellence - note perfect and polite
> shielding the thousands from unwelcome idiosycrasies or what you call
> magic".
> In the meantime, in a little corner of the Conservatory, there was an
organist/pianist named Daniel Fuchs who found his way into J.S. Bach's
head: recorded in 2009 on a Steinway 109 572 ...
> 15 Two Part Inventions BWV 772-786 / 15 Three Part Inventions
> BWV 787-801 / Prelude and Fugue in A minor BWV 894 / Fugue in B minor
after Albinoni BWV 951
> Production: Disques VDE-GALLO
> Mary
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> Subject: Re: [f_minor] NCA and CD 318 played by Angela Hewitt
> very eye opening. i had always thought that there was a special life in
cd318. and that it's hair- trigger action, with the total lack of key-
bobbing after being struck, had a lot to do with gould's results. but no.
> after hearing hewitt playing cd318 , with a total absence of that
incredible glenn gould spark, but a very good juilliard student-like
interpretation, ( bach international winner ? ),   i realized that i was
wrong.      the magic,    ( in this case, not mozart ! ), was gould

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