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Thanks for the "Good News" Jorgen; now if someone could just coax The Paley Center for Media/PBL (or whoever) to release "How Mozart Became A Bad Composer". I'd love it to be given to "Internet Archive" - and after all why not?



> Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 16:50:18 +0200
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> Subject: [f_minor] [f minor]: Good news!
> Hello all,
> A new DVD-release is upcoming (in Sweden it will be out in the beginning 
> of July). The title "Glenn Gould Plays Bach" (88691975049) raised my 
> hopes and now I have confirmation that it contains all three late Bach 
> films with Bruno Monsaingeon! I don't know if there are any extras, for 
> example outtakes from the Goldberg film. Here's the information:
> "This 3 DVD set contains the following material:
> The Question of Instruments (1979), a CBC-Clasart co-production. About 
> Bach's abstract to non-instrumental approach to composition, and 
> performances from the Art of the Fugue, the Chromatic Fantasy, and of 
> the complete D major Partita.
> An Art of the Fugue (1980), a CBC-Clasart co-production. Contains 
> discussions and performances of fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier, 
> the later use of the fugue by other composers, and performances of 
> fugues 2, 4 and 15 from The Art of the Fugue.
> Goldberg Variations (1981), Clasart"
> Regards,
> Jorgen
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