[f_minor] [f minor]: Good news!

jorgen.lundmark at mypost.se jorgen.lundmark at mypost.se
Wed May 16 23:26:38 PDT 2012

Hello Pat,

The original VHS release was 12 VHS. A little later came the The Question
of Instruments, An Art of the Fugue and the Goldbergs. Lastly assorted
performances, mostly from Music in our Time series, was released as On the
20th Century. The Question of Instruments and An Art of the Fugue has
never been released on DVD, as far as I know.


> Dar all
> Are these the ones that were NOT included in the original VHS collection
> due
> to contractual reasons  ?? If so then my heart leaps with joy ! YAY !
> The local Amazon stores in France, UK or Germany do not list this set yet,
> but they better do for I want to spend some money !
> I would also like to report to those of you who speak/understand german
> that
> a german-dubbed version of Genius Within will be released at the end of
> May.
> The documentary will also see a re-release with a new cover in Japan
> Dear oh dear I just can't wait to hear with what trhe CBC will come up
> with
> from out of their secred underground laboratories up in Hay River !
> Pat

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