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Hi Jeffrey, et al

Lorne Tulk’s mail adress ? Sure, in exchange for the one of Brian Eno 
(Yet seriously it would be interesting to ask Eno a few q’s about GG)

I suggest contacting the GG Foundation either by website or Facebook. If memory serves me right Mr Tulk has been involved with them to a certain degree but don’t take my word for that. I am sure they have an open ear for scholars, students, writers and will gladly help you out in all matters concering Leonard Cohen Glenn Gould.

Here is an interview I found:

And the outline of the last moments of Latercomers scribbled by Mr Tulk (second image)
(where is that coming from ?)

The DVD of the recent PBS documentary on GG has an extended interview with Mr Tulk in the extras.

That new book coming up containing interviews with people who knew GG might also be of interest to you.

And if memory serves me righ there is also an interview with the now defunct GG Magazine.

Again not much, but still better than naught I reckon.

How is that DragonSpeech Software thing going ?

Landscape Windscreen – Fractal Zoom videos, Ambient music:

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Hi Jeff - good suggestions from Pat. Also, check out http://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=FcguzJ0VxC8C&oi=fnd&pg=PR11&dq=transcript+to+glenn+gould%27s+The+Latecomers&ots=pp9etxB70y&sig=bLF_29ZNNDQfKlWRhh_LeJ6uRT8#v=onepage&q=transcript%20to%20glenn%20gould's%20The%20Latecomers&f=false

>From Words and Music: Camus, Beckett, Cage, Gould by Deborah Fillerup Weagel

p. 122 talks about The Latecomers and Gould's approach. Maybe the references to this book might contain either what you are looking for or close to it.

Or, play the Latecomers and let the software Dragon Speech capture the words for you! [more fun and a good test for that software's ability to grab the contrapuntal speech!].


In a message dated 5/8/2012 4:25:52 A.M. Central Daylight Time, pzumst at bluewin.ch writes:
  Dear Jeffrey et all

  It always irritates me when I ask someone a question and don't get a reply. 
  My suggestions will not help you much since a transcript of Latercomers is 
  not available online as it seems since GoogleBing did not come up with 
  something adequate.

  I suggest trying the following:

  1) I was under the impression that the CBC did make transcripts of GG’s 
  docudramas, maybe some GG collector still has one. And there are a few of 
  them round here. Maybe the CBC also has an archive with material available 
  to scholars or the general public for educational use
  2) Former list owner Mary Jo Watts wrote her thesis on Idea of North and 
  definetly has a transcript of that. She is still round here or at f_minor’s 
  FB page and might provide a few suggestions.
  3) F_minor has an archive, maybe you might find something there. You are not 
  the first person making inquiries about transcripts of these docudramas. 
  Just take your time, the archive is a bit irritating at first to navigate
  4) The National Library of Canada holds GG’s papers here: 
  http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/glenngould/index-e.html . Maybe they can 
  provide a facsimile of a CBC or other manuscript, perhaps even one with GG’s 
  scribbled notes.
  3) A long shot, bu since his docudramas also touch anthropology, contacting 
  the Canadian Museum of Civilisation here might be an idea:
  4) My native country has a national catalogue for university libraries. If 
  Canada and / or the US have something similar I would try that database, who 
  knows, something might pop up

  Not much, but better than nothing I reckon.

  Landscape Windscreen – Fractal Zoom videos, Ambient music:

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  From: Porter, Jeffrey L
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  Subject: [f_minor] Latecomers

  Dear all,

  Does any one know if a transcript of Gould's middle Solitude doc (The 
  Latecomers) is available online?

  Many thanks,

  Jeff Porter
  University of Iowa 


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