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Porter, Jeffrey L jeff-porter at uiowa.edu
Tue May 8 11:25:23 PDT 2012

Thanks to Katherine and Pat for their tips on locating a transcript of Gould's Latecomers. So far no luck online. Having begun the transcribing myself, I can see why that might be. The first 3 minutes nearly blew out my left hemisphere. 

It would be a kick to see what the Speaking Dragon program could do with Gould's cross-talking subjects. A new art form.

Does anyone know Lorne Tulk's email address?


On May 8, 2012, at 4:25 AM, Pat wrote:

> Dear Jeffrey et all
> It always irritates me when I ask someone a question and don't get a reply. My suggestions will not help you much since a transcript of Latercomers is not available online as it seems since GoogleBing did not come up with something adequate.
> I suggest trying the following:
> 1) I was under the impression that the CBC did make transcripts of GG’s docudramas, maybe some GG collector still has one. And there are a few of them round here. Maybe the CBC also has an archive with material available to scholars or the general public for educational use
> 2) Former list owner Mary Jo Watts wrote her thesis on Idea of North and definetly has a transcript of that. She is still round here or at f_minor’s FB page and might provide a few suggestions.
> 3) F_minor has an archive, maybe you might find something there. You are not the first person making inquiries about transcripts of these docudramas. Just take your time, the archive is a bit irritating at first to navigate
> 4) The National Library of Canada holds GG’s papers here: http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/glenngould/index-e.html . Maybe they can provide a facsimile of a CBC or other manuscript, perhaps even one with GG’s scribbled notes.
> 3) A long shot, bu since his docudramas also touch anthropology, contacting the Canadian Museum of Civilisation here might be an idea:
> http://www.civilization.ca/home
> 4) My native country has a national catalogue for university libraries. If Canada and / or the US have something similar I would try that database, who knows, something might pop up
> Not much, but better than nothing I reckon.
> Pat
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> Dear all,
> Does any one know if a transcript of Gould's middle Solitude doc (The Latecomers) is available online?
> Many thanks,
> Jeff Porter
> University of Iowa 

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