[f_minor] 2012 Gould Happenings

Karl Brown kbrown at physics.carleton.ca
Mon Apr 23 03:59:24 PDT 2012

Good morning Kate,

In a previous message from Pat there is mention of a two day event, the 
second of which dedicated to Glenn Gould is a trip to Wawa and a stay at 
the Wawa Inn where Glenn used to stay. This got me going so I made 
reservations and can't wait until September!

FYI: http://www.groupofseventrainevent.ca/

I always have problems with the link you have provided below, only one 
or two of the tabs [Features] & [Fine Art] work for me, I often wonder 
if others are having the same problem.

Kind regards,


On 20-Apr-2012 21:55, Kpapademas wrote:
> Hello Everyone - check out http://www.glenngould.com/ and scroll down 
> to see some planned events around the world regarding the Glenn Gould 
> 80th anniversary!
> Kate


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