[f_minor] Received my 32 Short Films DVD today

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Hi Pat,

I have a copy that I bought from Amazon a few years ago and watch it
occasionally.  The images from the film get confused in my mind with my
memories of the real thing. I do think that it is a excellent film of
anecdotal biography, with scenes that are unforgettable.  My favorite is
the hotel scene when he plays for the hotel chambermaid.


On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 7:49 AM, Pat <pzumst at bluewin.ch> wrote:

>    Hi all
> Sad to hear this. Given that this is indeed a sort of “cult movie” they
> could have at least made a few efforts in tweaking in the rendering, sound
> and image quality. Other “cult movies” have recieved a splendid remastering
> treatment, why not “32” ?
> Amazon Germany just sent me one of their CRM mails telling me that the
> movie is on sale as per today for either 16 or 20 Euros, the specs are
> confusing. On their data sheet is says 4:3 ratio, while DJ tells us this is
> not the case. But they also claim that it is in PAL All Regions (DVDR 0 ?)
> so this would be a (european) premiere on DVD outside North America ! They
> also say they have limited stock which is also confusing.
> Let me see if I can find a copy in a local store somewhere, haven’t seen
> it in ages, this could be my Friday Night Beer Movie !
> And if you haven’t seen it, get it now ! Not exactly a music biopic in the
> same spirit as Walk The Line, Hillary and Jackie (that horrible movie about
> Jaqueline Du Pré) or others that have surfaced recently.
> 32 contains connected pastiches or audiovisual variations on and about
> about GG ranging from straight fact to brilliant fiction (“Truck Stop”
> might have indeed been an inspiration for IoN) to animation, interviews and
> experimental scenes. I wonder how well it will hold up or what Gouldians
> will say who have never seen this gem before.
> Pat
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> Just popped the DVD in and watched...it looks like they simply reprinted
> the DVD.  There was no remastering done for the image...all the grains and
> specks are relatively intact from the film's original release.  The sound
> is pretty good, but I think the audio was let untouched as well.  The DVD
> is indeed in 16:9 ratio widescreen, and considering that this film has a
> relatively small but dedicated following, I would say it is somewhat of a
> miracle that Sony re-released this DVD.  I am really happy they made the
> decision to print it again.
> Happy Gouldian! :D DJWP
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