[f_minor] Received my 32 Short Films DVD today

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Hi all

Sad to hear this. Given that this is indeed a sort of “cult movie” they could have at least made a few efforts in tweaking in the rendering, sound and image quality. Other “cult movies” have recieved a splendid remastering treatment, why not “32” ?

Amazon Germany just sent me one of their CRM mails telling me that the movie is on sale as per today for either 16 or 20 Euros, the specs are confusing. On their data sheet is says 4:3 ratio, while DJ tells us this is not the case. But they also claim that it is in PAL All Regions (DVDR 0 ?) so this would be a (european) premiere on DVD outside North America ! They also say they have limited stock which is also confusing.

Let me see if I can find a copy in a local store somewhere, haven’t seen it in ages, this could be my Friday Night Beer Movie !

And if you haven’t seen it, get it now ! Not exactly a music biopic in the same spirit as Walk The Line, Hillary and Jackie (that horrible movie about Jaqueline Du Pré) or others that have surfaced recently.

32 contains connected pastiches or audiovisual variations on and about about GG ranging from straight fact to brilliant fiction (“Truck Stop” might have indeed been an inspiration for IoN) to animation, interviews and experimental scenes. I wonder how well it will hold up or what Gouldians will say who have never seen this gem before.

Landscape Windscreen EP1 Ambient Soundscapes on Youtube: 

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Just popped the DVD in and watched...it looks like they simply reprinted the DVD.  There was no remastering done for the image...all the grains and specks are relatively intact from the film's original release.  The sound is pretty good, but I think the audio was let untouched as well.  The DVD is indeed in 16:9 ratio widescreen, and considering that this film has a relatively small but dedicated following, I would say it is somewhat of a miracle that Sony re-released this DVD.  I am really happy they made the decision to print it again.

Happy Gouldian! :D DJWP


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