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	I do - quite - agree with you: Hafner's 
book (which was translated in Italian back in 
2009: a good indicator of the interest for Glenn 
Gould's art in this Country) is surely among the 
best ever published.   Of course, the best one is 
the one yet to be written, combining Bazzana's 
erudition, Hafner's passion etc.

I would also like to ask f_minor members their 
opinion on a brilliant present-day piano player: 
Hélène Grimaud.  Although her repertoire 
preferences (including, apart from the "Three 
Bs", Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Mozart, Chopin, 
Schumann) are in some instances very far from 
Gould's, she somehow seems to me to be a sort of 
a kin of spirit with him in her independence of 
choices, in not accepting to be conditioned by 
charismatic conductors (see the recent quérelle 
with Abbado), in being very clear on what she 
likes or dislikes, in belonging to the category 
of what I call "thinking pianists" - I hopefully 
will explain what I mean in a further occasion -, 
and finally in her love for nature and especially 
animals.   Of course, the main common point with 
Gould is that, in my opinion, she is a very good 
I would like to read your comments.


>By all means add this one.  It's probably my 
>favorite of all the books about GG because it is 
>so easy to understand his passion for the right 
>piano kept in perfect condition.  During the 
>chapter describing the accident with 318, I 
>admit that I wept and wept.  It was as bad as a 
>death in the family.
>On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 2:01 PM, Karl Brown 
><<mailto:kbrown at physics.carleton.ca>kbrown at physics.carleton.ca> 
>Any comments, is this a good read?
>A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould's Obsessive 
>Quest for the Perfect Piano, 2008, By Katie 
>I found it at Chapters the other day 
>The ONLY book in the Music/Arts/Classical section ...what a shame!
>I already have a collection of about 10 books on 
>Glenn Gould, just wanted to add this one to it, 
>or not.
>Thanks in advance for whatever input you see fit!

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