[f_minor] Glenn Gould and Dystonia

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Hi Katherine,

This is the pianist's nightmare.  My teacher warned me about it - too much
practicing without doing warm up exercises, not enough rest breaks, etc.  I
try to be careful, but sometimes after a few days away from the keyboard, I
have caused little injuries.  Mr. Guttman's advice was to STOP immediately
and rest the hand and don't play for at least three days if there has been
any pain. Then, do cautious exercises and gradually increase playing time.


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> **
> Hello Everyone - If interested, see the article on dystonia mentioning
> Glenn Gould, whose diary was descriptive on what he felt during that year
> of crisis (1977):
> http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/14/arts/music/dystonia-which-struck-glenn-gould-and-other-musicians.html
> Here is the original article on Glenn Gould's Hand:
> http://www.handoc.com/Documents/GOULD_Tubiana20001.pdf
> The topic of Gould's condition may have been discussed previously in the
> vast annals of F_Minor, however, it may be worth revisiting as more is now
> known about this condition that musicians seem to acquire.
> Katherine
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