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Jörgen Lundmark jorgen.lundmark at mypost.se
Sat Mar 10 17:10:57 PST 2012

Thank you for the correct title of the documentary series, Mary! I agree 
with you that it is perhaps the most multi-facetted portrait of Gould 
(it's from 1974, avalilable on an EMI DVD with the English title "The 
Alchemist"). It is crowned by a truly moving performance of Bach's 6th 

I do wish the copyright problems with "The Well-Tempered Listener" will 
be sorted out. Not only does it contains some very interesting 
discussions, but is the only one which features Gould on different 
instruments playing the same fugue as well as visualizing the "one hand 
for each voice experiment".

Same goes for the three Bach programs which I think contains some of 
Gould's very berst performances. It is sad Gould never got a chance -- 
read Kevin Bazzana's "Wondrous Strange" -- to realize the complete Bach 
series which would consist of some five programs with examples of 
chamber music as well.

> A correction is in order:
> I agree with you Jorgen, the four "Chemins de la Musique" _docus 
> *with* Gould_ from the late 1960's are perhaps the best ever filmed 
> *with *Gould. I think "Hereafter" got stuck in Pat's throat, as it did 
> with so many of us. It's a case of apples and oranges though, as you 
> point out: "In my opinion Monsaingeon is at his best when he is 
> working with or interviewing an artist, not just doing a film about 
> him or her."
> sorry,
> Mary

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