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Sorry that I was so late with the France 3 Oistrakh heads up because as Pat points out there are internet solutions to cable tv problems, one simply needs a little time to search them out and 2 hours is cutting it just a little too close.

I agree with you Jorgen, the four "Chemins de la Musique" docus on Gould from the late 1960's are perhaps the best ever filmed of Gould. I think "Hereafter" got stuck in Pat's throat, as it did with so many of us. It's a case of apples and oranges though, as you point out: "In my opinion Monsaingeon is at his best
    when he is working with or interviewing an artist, not just doing a
    film about him or her." 

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    Hello Pat,


    Don't really think that is fair. His recent documentaries on Gould
    are less interesting, I agree. But "Le Chemin" and the three Bach
    programs??? They're at the very top of my list of music
    documentaries/recitals. In my opinion Monsiangeon is at his best
    when he is working with or interviewing an artist, not just doing a
    film about him or her.




          So, Montsagenon actually made some decent
              films, eh ? Why oh why did he fail with GG, his most
              prominent subject ?
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          Ah, how I wish
            that we could get that channel.  There is a French channel
            on AT&T U-verse, but it's not the one you mentioned.
            I did find a copy of the film about Richter.  


              On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 4:59 PM,
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                        Last minute heads up for anyone interested.


                        Tonight (Saturday) at 23:55h there will be a
                        showing of 

                        Monsaingeon's 1994 film-documentary "David
                        Oistrakh, artiste du peuple?"

                        on France 3 television channel.





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