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Karl Brown kbrown at physics.carleton.ca
Wed Mar 7 03:59:38 PST 2012

Good morning Kate,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, I was struck by the flu 
over the last weekend and with the exception of a 15 minute stint early 
Monday morning, I came in and picked up some work to bring home and 
responded to a few messages, I am now back at work.

Thank you very much for the pictures, I'm so sorry I missed the exhibit, 
it must have been great. Where did you travel from to get to the exhibit 
if I may ask? It's always amazing to see how far people will travel and 
the amount of effort people will put into there sorts of events.
Wrt the 80th anniversary*, in a previous e-mail, Pat is willing to bet ...
..."I bet a sixpack of Molson against a bottle of Poland Water that at 
least one of these instruments,  presumably CD 318 will be played this 
year and I also bet the National Library of Canada will have at least 
one special exibition or event this year where one could have a look at 
these pianos and much more that mmight usually not be on display. Mind 
you, GG still is one of the most important and prominet public cultural 
figures of his country and I doubt they will miss this opportunity for 
annus mirabilis. We will have to get to the exact implications of annus 
mirabilis later this year. Let's hear what is on offer first.

What about his "harpspiano" or whatever that thing is called ? Have I 
forgotten any instrument ? Good grief, memory and age....


So, at this point I do not have any news to tell but if someone out 
there in the Gouldian Galaxy has new to tell ...
Likewise, I will be only too glad to relay any information I happen to 
stumble upon.

Kind regards,


On 05-Mar-2012 18:39, Kpapademas at aol.com wrote:
> Mary, Karl and Everyone,
> Attached are links to a picture of Glenn Gould's Chickering piano, his
> chair, and his famous CD 318 piano (2 pictures) that I took at the
> Museum during the 75th Anniversary of his birthday. Bonus picture:
> Rideau Locks in Ottawa (cloudy, Gouldian day).
> So what is going on with the 80th Anniversary????
> Enjoy,
> Kate
> http://glenngould.org/photos/KPDSCN0094.JPG (Chickering)
> http://glenngould.org/photos/KPDSCN0096.JPG (chair)
> http://glenngould.org/photos/KPDSCN0116.JPG (CD 318)
> http://glenngould.org/photos/KPDSCN0145.JPG (CD 318 #2)
> http://glenngould.org/photos/KPDSCN0125.JPG (locks)


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