[f_minor] Beethoven

Jörgen Lundmark jorgen.lundmark at mypost.se
Tue Mar 6 13:18:06 PST 2012

You're correct Kristian. The old CDs (blue) started with the letter M, 
the GG edition (red and white) with the letters SM.

> Lennart,
> You must be thinking of the 5th Piano Concerto with Stokowski. But in 
> a way it can be regarded as a symphony too, since Gould stated that he 
> and Stokowski aimed to make it sound like a "symphonic statement"
> regards,
> Kristian
> Malmoe
> On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 8:01 PM, Induscandia <sales at induscandia.se 
> <mailto:sales at induscandia.se>> wrote:
>     Hi Jorgen,
>     5th symphony with GG, is also on Sony SM3K 52632 -52635,
>     with Stokovski.
>     Regards,
>     Lennart
>     Halmstad
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