[f_minor] Ich ruf zu dir mein Herr..../Voyager

Kpapademas at aol.com Kpapademas at aol.com
Mon Mar 5 15:39:32 PST 2012

Mary, Karl and Everyone,

Attached are links to a picture of Glenn Gould's Chickering piano, his
chair, and his famous CD 318 piano (2 pictures) that I took at the
Museum during the 75th Anniversary of his birthday. Bonus picture:
Rideau Locks in Ottawa (cloudy, Gouldian day).
So what is going on with the 80th Anniversary????

http://glenngould.org/photos/KPDSCN0094.JPG (Chickering)
http://glenngould.org/photos/KPDSCN0096.JPG (chair)
http://glenngould.org/photos/KPDSCN0116.JPG (CD 318)
http://glenngould.org/photos/KPDSCN0145.JPG (CD 318 #2)
http://glenngould.org/photos/KPDSCN0125.JPG (locks)

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