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I would also encourage people who are interested in post-elisabethan history and music to read the Diaries of Samuel Pepys. Apart from his rich diaries he also composed music, unfortunetly recordings of these are quite rare.

Pepys lived in the same period as Henry Purcell btw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9Kps6tbfO8

Now back to topic:
We must thank GG for recording works of “obscure” composers, be they contemporary or 17th C. Mind you, before he recorded the GBs that work was rather obscure and only known to experts, yet he managed to make sure that this work would be associated with him, for good or bad.

And while I am here, could someone recommend similar adaptions for piano of elisabethan and jacobean composers to what GG did with Byrd and Gibbons ?


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Bless you Bob for mentioning this literature. I recently fell back in love with 18'th century English lit, after paying little attention since university days, oh, about 123 years ago.  Anyway, I bought and read Fielding's "Joseph Andrews" and I laughed and was infuriated by equal turns.  The blatant and overt distortions of personalities allowed Fielding to turn people's behavior inside out so that it was right up close and it mostly stank.  A brilliant satirist.  I also bought a university level book that had a bunch of scholarly essays on the works of Swift, another genius.  My interest actually started a bit more than a year ago when I suddenly had to know everything about Samuel Johnson. So, I got two huge bio's, recent scholarship and read to my hearts content.  That whole era of literature is so deeply rich and I encourage younger folk to explore it.

Kind regards,

Fred Houpt


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