[f_minor] Ich ruf zu dir mein Herr..../Voyager

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Hi Dorian, et al

Try this one:
It ays that the score is for choir and piano but I reckon you can do summet with it

BWV 539 must be in that list below somewhere. If you are into Bach and sheet music then this is for you:

Now if I could only read sheet music. This list would probably keep me busy for several lifetimes....

Hope this helps

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If anyone knows whether there is sheet music for "Ich ruf zu dir mein Herr" in an arrangement for piano please let us know. 

In the meantime I would highly recommend Bernard Glimser's version in an arrangement by Busoni.  Truly beautiful:  Bach-Busoni: "Ich ruf zu Dir" - YouTube This is truly one of Bach's most profound Preludes ever.

Another short and well known piece (Sheep May Safely Graze, arranged by Petri for piano) played by Yeol Eum Son at the Cliburn 2009 Competition is entrancingly beautiful and is posted on Youtube: Cliburn 2009 Yeol Eum Son Final Recital - YouTube   Dorian

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  Thank you for your kind thoughts. Yes Canadians in general are very nice people as are many Americans I have met over time. As for beer, I could go on at length, though I must admit we do have a plethora of micro-breweries, many of which are excellent. BTW there is a great beer not far from GG's country home, Mad Tom's IPA, in Muskoka, Ontario if you enjoy IPA's.  

  Yes, cold at the moment, though our weather report is not much different than that of northern Vermont, New Hampshire and the state of Maine. Admittedly, September and April are the best months to visit.

  Kind regards,


  On 27-Feb-2012 14:48, Pat wrote: 
    Anita, the score can be found on the website I gave you. Scroll down to “Scores”, click on Complete Score, accept their terms and a new window will open with a pdf file that you can print out.
    There must be tons of sources for music manuscrpts from archives, libraries, universities etc that are open to the public and available on the web with a few clicks. Lemme find a few for you if you need some sources. Why cough up for sheet music when the stuff is in public domain anyway ?
    What is in this particular score I cannot tell you. Lemme gat past Louie Louie and we shall see...

    Ottawa might be nice. You might get to see GG’s chair and CD 318, plus Canadians are very nice, quiet and friendly and the beer is much better. Just don’t go there right now, might be rather cold....maybe in September, who knows ?


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    Thank you for the information.  I live in South Carolina, the middle of the Deep South, and Ottawa if just a place I dream of seeing.  I will send a message to them, and, hopefully, they might have that score.  

    Best regards,
    RubatoATM at gmail.com

    On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 1:59 PM, Karl Brown <kbrown at physics.carleton.ca> wrote:


      Although perhaps not the best (is there a best?) place to go, as there are many music sites and one has to look and compare apples with apples, CD Universe is certainly reliable. I've used it a few times myself

      Yes, I play piano (poorly I might add). There is a really nice store in the Ottawa area on Bank Street ... http://www.ottawafolklore.com/
      If you are not from the Ottawa area they might deliver.
      At a quick glance, I could not find what you are looking for but you could, in addition, send them a request or they might also point you to a site where it is available.

      I hope this is of some help.

      Kind regards,


      On 27-Feb-2012 13:44, Anita Monroe wrote: 
        Karl,  Many thanks.  I ordered, and learned about "CD Universe".  Now I'm going to try to track down the score.  Are you a pianist?  Do you know, by any chance, where it is available.   

        Best regards and thanks,


        On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 1:24 PM, Karl Brown <kbrown at physics.carleton.ca> wrote:

          Anita, Pat

          I've owned this recording for about 2-3yrs and must have played it 100 times.

          Without going into details, I think every track on this CD is worth listening to.


          Kind regards,


          On 27-Feb-2012 13:13, Anita Monroe wrote: 

            This is awesome, and I don't use that term lightly.  Do you know if this recording by Murray Perahia is available on the market?  I've played this about twenty times and can't get enough of it.

            Many, many thanks,

            PS  Forget what I wrote about not buy anything.  (-:

            On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 7:28 AM, Karl Brown <kbrown at physics.carleton.ca> wrote:

              Great find!

              Although not played by GG, Murray Perahia is certainly no slouch and has been a Bach fan of mine for some years. I was lucky enough to meet him after a concert given here in Ottawa two years ago.

              Makes you wonder what GG would have done with this piece of music, could he have possibly played it at an even slower tempo or perhaps twice as fast?

              Although we'll never know, one thing you can be certain of, his recording would have been, as with so many of his other recordings ...  Gouldian.

              Kind regards,


              On 23-Feb-2012 16:47, Pat wrote: 
                Dear all

                Some weeks ago someone here wanted to know if a recording of the cantata Ich ruf zu dir mein Herr Jesus Christ by Johannn Sebastian Bach was ever recorded by Glenn Gould. 

                Well, it wasn’t but by sheer coincidence I found another recording and with this one I can kill two birds with one stone.

                First you get a piano recording of said cantata plus you get info on the NASA Voyager mission plus absolutely stunning images : 


                If you are new to the GG universe, there is a connection to GG and the Voyager mission. Apart from being one of the most spectacular missions NASA ever did, this spacecraft  also contains a recording of parts of the WTC1 as recorded by GG (amongst other stuff), just in case this spacecraft might one day be found by Little Green Men far, far, very far away...












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