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Hello Stephanie,

I'm no expert on Orlando Gibbons. If I were you I should try to locate a 
copy of Gould's favourite recording: The Silver Swan with Deller 
Consort, rereleased on CD by Archiv Produktion. This will give you an 
idea how Gould perceived an ideal Gibbons' performance. When searching 
for it, I find at least three different titles with Alfred Deller, but 
only one complete album with Gibbons choral music.

> Hi there,
> I am very interested in Glenn's favorite composer, Orlando Gibbons. He 
> claimed he was his favorite, but I cannot find much about his 
> relationship with the composer and his music. I know there is an essay 
> in the Glenn Gould Reader compilation, but it is quite short. Glenn 
> only mentions him here and there in interviews, but does not elaborate 
> upon his interest. Are there any other sources or explanations about 
> Glenn and his fascination with Gibbons's music? Or any other essays? I 
> do of course, have the Byrd and Gibbons album, which is absolutely 
> charming...but there must be more than this somewhere! Also, if you 
> have not read about Orland Gibbons's life, it is quite interesting, 
> especially the manner in which he died. The writeup on Wikipedia is 
> really uncanny.
> Thanks,
> Stephanie
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