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Dear Jorgen,

My collection of GG is now 89 CD. How complete is it ?




  Hello Pat and the rest,

  I'm not really sure what "certain material coming out of Sweden" would be.
The only truly Swedish connection with Gould is the BIS-double released in
1986 (Sony wasn't pleased with that release -- you can still buy it-- but
could not stop it ) and the newly released Bach D minor also recorded in
1958 in Stockholm and now available on Music&Arts.

  Apart from that there's nothing specifically Swedish in the Gould
discography, released or not. At least nothing that I know about.

  As far as I can tell the new copyright rules in EU makes it possible for
anything recorded prior to 1961 or 1962 to be released on other labels.
Recordings made after that date are now "protected" at least an additional
20 years. As far as unreleased material go, the problem is also that there
in many cases exist no external source. Everthing is locked up in the

  In all fairness, I think that Sony has shown a good sense releasing the
majority of Gould's filmed performances. Let's hope they keep that up. Also,
most (all?) of the GG edition CDs are still available at a much lower price
than for example I paid for them. It's actually become much less expensive
to be a record collector these last years


    Hi Anita, all

    Well, so do I, but a girl I know refers to her CD collection as "her
children" which she refuses to part from, even if they only contain one or
two good songs. I am a bit like her, unfortunately or fortunately her CDs
are not mine. Or so is she.

    Anita, if you want to get "rid" of your collection or parts thereof I
suggest you try www.gemm.com. Unlike other rather profane auction platforms
like ebay or some such this is THE place for the record collector (or
seller), because the people there know what they are looking for and will
cough up to demand and see the value of a certain item.Apparently they also
have some GG memorabilia (books, promo posters etc) but I would have to look
that up.

    No matter if you want to buy or sell anything and everything from rare
New Zealand punk singles to classical out-of -print Vinyl this is the place
to go I reckon.

    I don't know if Berkley Music Outlet is still in business but there are
plenty of other sites and sources that can be recommenced if the space in
your CD shelf is getting to small. Via BMO I was able to find some rare GG
stuff when I got started. And there is also one great shop in Japan, need to
check archive.

    Yes, there were a few contrabands around but our friends at Sony put an
end to certain material coming out of Sweden, yet they are aware that a
vibrant bootleg underground community is around. Yet Contraband and Bootleg
is not the same thing. Let us hope annus mirabilis will see some releases
from the alternate ice-box !!!

    Hey, why don't we put tougher a list of decent sources where one could
buy or sell GG records, memorabilia or summet like that for the fun or it or
the ardent beginner and the obsessed collectors ? This list needs some
activity anyway, otherwise I will start a thread about the GBs. I came up
with an interesting question.....


    Am 25.02.2012 um 21:17 schrieb Anita Monroe:

      Pat, I asked friends who seem to know about mailing CD's, and it seems
to be a tricky business since all of them are suspected as contraband.  It's
a shame since I have way too many and would share.


      On Feb 24, 2012, at 6:03 PM, Jörgen Lundmark
<jorgen.lundmark at mypost.se> wrote:

        My mistake! I didn't check the message properly
        Thank you Kate for the quote!

        Here are some additional words said about our hero:


          Dear all

          The quote by Perahia did not come from me but Kate Papademas. I
would love to hear his version of the GBs though. So much music, so little
time, so horribly expensive prices for classical CDs in Switzerland....


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