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Dear all

The quote by Perahia did not come from me but Kate Papademas. I would love to hear his version of the GBs though. So much music, so little time, so horribly expensive prices for classical CDs in Switzerland....

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Thank you Pat for poiting out this Perahia quote. Given the fact that Perahia is such a prominent Bach interpreter himself, that is praise indeed.


  Beautiful indeed! Here is a site with Murray Perahia commenting on Gould:


  which I will place here:

  "Gould revealed us a thing that had not been perceived by anybody else in the Bach's compositions (...) and simultaneously he taught us that the role of the executor was not to serve but to provoke the art and thus to reveal not only the most beautiful but also the most difficult to bear." 


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    Dear all

    Some weeks ago someone here wanted to know if a recording of the cantata Ich ruf zu dir mein Herr Jesus Christ by Johannn Sebastian Bach was ever recorded by Glenn Gould. 

    Well, it wasn’t but by sheer coincidence I found another recording and with this one I can kill two birds with one stone.

    First you get a piano recording of said cantata plus you get info on the NASA Voyager mission plus absolutely stunning images : 


    If you are new to the GG universe, there is a connection to GG and the Voyager mission. Apart from being one of the most spectacular missions NASA ever did, this spacecraft  also contains a recording of parts of the WTC1 as recorded by GG (amongst other stuff), just in case this spacecraft might one day be found by Little Green Men far, far, very far away...



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