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Count me as one who uses "awesome" (meaning terrific, extraordinary) and "magic" (meaning transporting one to higher realms) to describe GG's music. Perhaps not exactly  Merriam-Webster, but Fred's meaning is conveyed to me perfectly with those words.

As for the discomfort of his piano seat, I had not heard that before. I always assumed he used the familiar chair because he was in fact most comfortable in it, not comfort in the sense of an upholstered "easy chair" kind of comfort, but certainly that he played his best in it. It wouldn't occur to me that someone might perform better with the distraction of an uncomfortable seat. Did he actually write or speak of the chair being uncomfortable or painful? I haven't had a chance to see Fred's link - youtube is blocked by the company I work for so I have to wait to go home to see links.


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Sorry that I can't join in the admiration of "hairshirt" inspiration with you Fred. Well, no, I'm not sorry about it at all.

Did you know that Gould didn't always use that chair? Have you seen the "extras", the "outtakes" of that PBS showing of "Genius Within"? Bert Gould made another chair for his son which is in fine condition and which Gould used "off camera" and which is in the possession of Lorne Tulk. On camera Hairshirt Chair - makes the music better for you? Bach would cringe at the whole idea.

"Awesome"  "Magic" ???

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Just enjoying this now.  What strikes me is the super intense ability of GG to focus his thoughts, his imagination and his mind into such a clear vision that when his fingers start playing the outcome is almost magic.  What also amazes me and this might sound silly but how he managed to deal with the discomfort of sitting down on that seat-less chair, having the middle piece of support strut to have his butt sitting on top of....how could he not feel discomfort and yet, and yet.....he seems to push the pain (??) away or overcome the physical sensation and produce the most awesome music.  Magic indeed......


Fred Houpt

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